Project Name: Automating the Report Generation Process
Client: Leading Global, Integrated Security Company

One of the biggest headache for banking corporations is implementing layers of security measures on their staff (in-house or outsourced) to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized disclosure.

In Malaysia, one of the leading security service provider, which transports cash on a daily basis for its customers in the banking industry, part of its responsibility is to provide its customers with accurate Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) report as well as accurate Management Information (MI) report so as to prepare an optimal amount of cash for delivery to its customers spreading across 25 branches within the next working day.


  • The DSCR report generated must be accurate so that each bank branch will only borrow the lowest amount of money (if necessary) via intra-bank, inter-bank or central bank to minimize its operating financial cost.
  • Similarly, the accuracy of MI report is equally important which is generated by analyzing trends and forecasting the future, is used together with DSCR report to accurately calculate the optimal amount of holding cash required for bank branches so as to not jeopardize their daily operation.
  • Since both DSCR report and MI report are sensitive data therefore it is best to be generated with limited or no human involvement at all.


  • RMA designed and deployed its RPA bots to systematically learn the process of preparing and generating the DSCR report and MI report at the different bank branches.
  • Together with its customer, RMA reviewed the performance, completeness and accuracy of each of these RPA bots and made refinement where necessary.
  • Rollout, provided technical support and transferring of knowledge to its customer.


  • Complete automated tasks in shorter time and achieve greater productivity.
  • Allow employees to perform higher-value work.
  • Automation provides extra security for sensitive data and financial services, and error free.